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I love silk. Its sensual feel on my skin, its mesmerizing shimmer, and its true elegance. I like purism. In fashion, design, and architecture. And I also believe that life is much better when we are at peace with ourselves and with nature.


skarabis is for the woman who seeks high-quality relaxing outfits and wants to look beautiful and special, without trying too hard. skarabis is for the woman who wants to feel good in her skin and clothes, no matter what her current mood or the shape of her body.

We are a small team in Berlin, where we devote ourselves with joy and passion to create fashion from the finest of silks to discreetly enhance the unique and radiant beauty of each woman.


theONEdress series and other styles coalesce purist, linear patterns with the finest of sensually flowing silks. Silk has this amazing ability to compliment all body shapes, liberating us from standardized sizes. Simple elegance, relaxed casualness, or a dashing entry – everything’s possible in timeless ‘uni-shade’ fabrics or abstract, soft prints. Simply let it flow. Feel good. Look fantastic. In the snap of a finger.


Isn’t it wonderful to see inner and outer values molded by true beauty? That’s why we work with Ahimsa Silk, the peaceful alternative to conventional silk. In this technique, the industrious silkworm can hatch from its cocoon and bloom into a butterfly. Which means, for each dress we make, we save the lives of over 2,000 silkworms!

We cooperate with excellent partners in Europe who guarantee the highest degree of ethical production, marked by superb quality. Everything we do is ethical – from the certified ecological colours used for dyeing and printing, to the seamstresses that painstakingly attend to the minutest detail of each dress. We deliver the finest of qualities with a clear conscience.

“Let’s treat ourselves with luxury. And let’s do it wisely.”

Silke Skarabis