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Will one size fit me?

theONEdress is tailored in a purist and generous way, with the flowing, body enveloping silk enabling it to be worn as one size.

The cut of our silk dresses is simple and rich in fabric, meaning that the dresses flowingly adapt to the body of the wearer. On the inside of each dress are narrow satin ribbons with which the volume of the dress can be regulated.

Corresponding sizes:

General: XS – L

D: 34 – 42

US: 4 – 12

UK: 8 – 16

FRA: 36 – 44

ITA: 38 – 46


How do I care for my silk dress properly?

Silk is much less complicated and more resistant than many people think. Silk thread is naturally highly stable, elastic and tear resistant.

Clearly, dry cleaning is the safest way to clean silk, which is why a dry clean label is included in our clothing, for legal reasons.

However, we have a great deal of experience with silk and further tips for care and handling silk can be found in our journal.


Can I take my silk dress when travelling?

At home the skarabis dress or top can simply be ironed and stored in the wardrobe – when travelling the fine silk fabric can be rolled up to a small volume, without creasing. This means that the dress or top takes up surprisingly little space in your suitcase, the perfect travel companion! In addition, silk is extremely light: our “heaviest” dress weighs just 220 g! With a matching silk bag each trip becomes a luxury voyage.

Tip: If the silk clothing does nonetheless display creasing: simply hang it out in the damp night air, or turn the shower on hot briefly and then hang the dress in the bathroom overnight. The humidity has the same effect as an iron.


How do I care for my silk scarf properly?

The oversized silk scarf can be cleaned and cared for in the same way as theONEdress. (see theONEdress above)


Does the oversized silk scarf take up a lot of room?

Just like theONEdress, despite its volume the silk scarf can be folded into a small square or simply rolled up. (see theONEdress above).



What is Peace Silk or Ahimsa Silk?

Our collections are made exclusively from Ahimsa Silk, also known as Peace Silk. In contrast to conventional silk production, the silkworms are not harmed in the creation of Ahimsa Silk.


Is there a tactile or visible difference to conventional silk?

We receive a lot of praise for the beauty, sheen and suppleness of our silk, particularly in comparison to mass-produced silk.

The special method of acquiring Peace Silk and the spinning of the silk thread are undertaken completely by hand. Although the silk of our Indian manufacturer is very fine and supple, minor deviations may still occur. In weaving – as in conventional production – a small number of weaving errors can occur. In the production of our clothing care is taken to ensure that these minor irregularities are limited to less visible areas.

This product is generally primarily made by hand – small, individual deviations are an attractive indication of this.


What kind of dyes are being used?

Our uni-coloured silks are dyed with ecological dyes (OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1). The complex digital prints are subject to the strict GOTS Standard. It is especially important to us at skarabis that only skin and nature-friendly substances come into contact with the body.

Slight deviations, barely visible to the naked eye, are a sign of ecological dyeing, for both printing and dyeing processes. We like this individuality of the clothing.


How and where do you produce?

We know our producers personally and place great value on fair working conditions and good payment. Our Ahimsa Silk is produced in north-east India in the scope of a social project that gives many local families employment. This manufacturer has been given international GOTS certification. Our uni-coloured silk is dyed in southern Germany by a small specialist firm specialising in ecological dyes. A traditional, family-run Italian company prints our exclusive motifs with GOTS certification. The entire collection is sewn in Poland under very good conditions and with extensive experience in premium textile production.


Are the skarabis textiles certified?

The strictest standards of the textile industry are applied in our production chain: the production stages are GOTS-certified or subject to the highest OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Class 1, which also applies to baby clothing.




What payment options are there?

Payment options are standard credit cards and PayPal. When paying via PayPal you will be forwarded to the PayPal site to complete the payment.




What are the shipping costs?

Shipping within Germany costs a fixed sum of €8.00. For shipping to European countries we charge a fixed shipping sum of €12.00.


How do I know if my order has been received?

After placing a binding order you receive an order confirmation from us via e-mail.


How do I know if my order has been sent?

After we have sent your order you will receive a shipping confirmation from us.


How can I track my order?

The shipping confirmation that we mail to you contains a shipping number, with which you can track your order.


How long does delivery take?

Shipping within Germany is via DHL and generally takes 2-3 working days. Delivery to European countries typically takes 3-5 working days.


What countries does skarabis ship to?

We currently ship to all countries of the European Union (EU).

If you wish to order from outside of the EU, please contact us: shop@skarabis-silk.com




How can I return my order?

If you wish to return your shipment, or parts of it, please contact us at shop@skarabis-silk.com with your return request and inform us of your order number. You will then receive a confirmation for your return.


What address can I send the returned item to?

Please send the package to the following address:

Kaiserdamm 5 / K5
14057 Berlin



How long can I return the item?

After receiving the item you have the opportunity to return it within the next 14 days. All information regarding revocation can be found in our General Terms and Conditions.

Please send us an e-mail at shop@skarabis-silk.com if you wish to return an item.


How do I receive my money back after making a return?

After checking the items that you have returned we immediately arrange repayment of the corresponding order value. The method of repayment used is always the same as for payment.




How can I complain about a faulty item?

To complain about an article, send an e-mail to shop@skarabis-silk.com. We will contact you as soon as possible regarding this.


How can I contact skarabis?

Feel free to send us an e-mail at any time at contact@skarabis-silk.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible – from Monday to Friday we try to respond within 24 hours. We look forward to hearing from you!

In urgent cases you can also contact us on +49 (0)30 29671300 or leave us a message.