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The SILK scarf

lemon light


Oversized floating printed silk scarf for multiple use

Also available in: dancing ink, grey wings


This enormous scarf is a little miracle: warming in winter and cooling in summer. It transforms a simple outfit into a stunning look, at the beach it can be worn as a dress, on chilly evenings it covers your shoulders. Wear it every day generously and casually around the neck and roll it up to a tiny package in the suitcase. This particular fine silk on your body says: Take me with you, wherever you go.


Ethical Luxury. We use 100% finest Ahimsa silk


For a luxurious feel. However, with a very good conscience. Therefore Ahimsa Silk is the peaceful alternative to conventional silk. In this GOTS-certified production no creature is harmed. It allows the silkworms to emerge from the cocoons and complete their natural life cycle.

Printed with ecological colors.


Silk. Silk. Silk.


100% crepe de chine made from Ahimsa silk. The highest quality among the silks. Fluently soft and slightly transparent with the typical crepe surface that is slightly rougher with two identical sides and a semi matte shimmer. For our oversized shawls we use this lighter quality that has a beautiful volume but also folds up to a tiny package.